Departures and conversions

November 17, 2012 at 6:29 pm

Above: Salford

The project continues, and so I’m sharing a few photos from the past week. Lida (in the hijab, above) has recently started a new job supporting a visually impaired Czech Roma teen in school, and yesterday she brought her to a family birthday party (below). This development is great as she’s been out of work for several years, but it means I can now only see her at weekends…scheduling seeing the four different characters/families I’m currently following for this project – while having a life – is getting somewhat difficult. As well as them I have a number of smaller vignette stories planned featuring other individuals, including next weekend a young woman who is training to be a lawyer. Interestingly, Lida’s brother in law has just converted to Islam and his girlfriend, her sister, also plans to. This I think is an interesting aspect of this particular family’s migration to the UK: coming into contact with and being influenced by other migrant cultures, in this case her Kurdish Muslim husband and his relatives – who are doing their bit for Islam by proselytising and helping to swell its numbers.


Above: Alina’s 1st birthday party


Meanwhile, the departure of Ramona’s daughter back to Romania approaches…