“Ramona and Elvira are like twins with very different characters, two parts of one person. It’s one head, one face, but two different minds.

    “Elvira is a dreamer but Ramona makes dreams come true. Elvira is open to love but Ramona is fighting with love. Ramona thinks Elvira’s crazy and Elvira thinks Ramona’s crazy. I say both of them are crazy. You cannot be two people, you have to be one.”

    This is the tale of one woman’s two lives. Her family in Romania call her Elvira but in England she is known by the name on her passport, Ramona. It is a collaboration, with photography by Ciara Leeming and words by Ramona/Elvira.



    “Ramona hai Elvira si la fel ca dui gemeia dar si diferime îl caracterea, si dui partii îc singura persoana. Si îc sàro îc fata, dar duii mintii diferime. Elvira placiola te dichel sune, tea Ramona cherel te aven ceace. Elvira si dechiso che iubirea dar i Ramona luptopes le iubireasa.

    “I Ramona pacheal che i Elvira si dilii hai i Elvira pacheal ca i Ramona si dilii. Me penau cà sol dui si dilea. Cà nastis te a ves duii persoanea în acelasi timpo.”

    Elvira hai Me si vorba a dac îc ciuvli tàrni chai càlàtoril dai România andâi Anglia hai parpale dinou. I colabularea hai i poze catai Ciara Leeming hai âl vorbe le Ramona/Elvira.

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