“Life is harder in the Czech Republic if you have dark skin – it can be difficult to find work and people treat you differently. We are comfortable here now. England feels like home.”

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  • “Sometimes I miss Czech. I’m used to England now because we’ve been there for eight years but still I feel sometimes like I just want to go home. If I go there though I will be okay for a few days and then I’ll feel like I want to go back to England. Sometimes it feels like I don’t feel right in either place.
    When I feel I want to go back to Czech though it’s usually because I miss my uncles or my aunties – the people we have left behind. I’m not used to the life there now, and England is my home.
    In my flat in the UK, I decorate my kitchen with lots of flowers and plastic fruit which I have brought back from Czech. It’s a traditional thing back there and most of the people have this stuff. It makes me feel like I’ve got something from back home to look at every day.

    “When I arrived in the UK I made friends with another Czech Gypsy girl whose family mostly only speak the Roma language. When we met she kept speaking to me in Roma and I was saying: ‘What are you saying, I can’t understand.’ And she was laughing at me, saying: ‘You are Gypsy and you don’t know your language.’
    Now I’m not bothered that I can’t speak it. When I met Denisa the way she spoke Czech sounded so funny to me, because she couldn’t say the words properly and had an accent. She was saying I couldn’t speak my own language but I was saying: ‘You are Czech and you don’t know your language either.’”

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